Integration of a regional bank

Comprehensive support of the integration of a Swiss regional bank into a leading Swiss universal bank

Client objectives

  • Full integration of a regional universal bank into a leading Swiss universal bank and transition to the latter’s branding and products

  • Uninterrupted service continuance for all clients of the regional bank during integration

  • Reduce duplications, simplify the organization, and increase efficiency through integration of the regional bank

GEM services

  • Partner of program leadership for central program steering and stakeholder management (Board of Directors, Executive Board, Business Areas heads committees, and others)

  • Led various workstreams and supported as project PMO (e.g. target design, technical integration, Legal, Communication, Finance, HR)

  • Supported development of key success factors for integration such as target organization, project structure, client communication, and technical integration steering

Value added

  • Target state for organizational structure, branding, product offering, technical platform, etc. designed together with stakeholders from both banks

  • Coordination and alignment of integration approach with various internal and external stakeholders

  • Comprehensive execution support of target design along the different project phases until technical integration was completed successfully

Application of our capabilities

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Strategy and Innovation

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FS Finance, Risk and Regulation

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Corporate Finance and Post Merger Integration

Transformation and Change Management