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Resolution plan playbooks and testing

Establishment and testing of a comprehensive set of playbooks to reach a credible resolution plan by demonstrating the plan's executability

Client objective

  • Make the bank’s resolution plan more action oriented and executable

  • Ensure all relevant functions understand and support the execution of the resolution plan

  • Demonstrate credibility of the resolution plan to senior management and the home regulator

GEM services

  • Established mature draft playbooks for functional expert discussion by leveraging profound banking know-how

  • Identified all relevant functions based on sound understanding of functional competencies and tailored their onboarding

  • Prepared and conducted dry-run workshops by relying on extensive workshop moderation experience with senior participants

Value added

  • Established a comprehensive universe of >40 mutually linked playbooks with overall ~1’200 action steps

  • Involved all relevant functions in the review of the playbooks and received their sign-off

  • Executed for >30 playbooks dedicated interdisciplinary dry-run workshops to review and complement the playbooks

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