Management of all regulatory banking relationships with regards to Brexit for an international investment bank

Client objectives

  • Prepare for a potential ‘No-Deal’ Hard Brexit (UK leaving the EU without a deal) whereby the client’s UK subsidiaries (banking and broker dealer entities) would lose access to their EU clients and counterparties

  • Enable subsidiaries and branches in various EU locations including required regulatory approvals, platform and staff

  • Transfer EU-clients business from London to continental Europe

GEM services

  • Advised program leadership on Hard Brexit strategy including central program and stakeholder management (BoD, ExB and various other committees)

  • Provided regulatory strategy advise including coordination of all regulatory engagement (PRA, FCA, FINMA, BaFIN, ECB, ACPR, CNMV etc.)

  • Led various working groups on capital, risk models and corporate process

Value added

  • Implemented inter and intra legal entity governance framework and synchronized internal and external communication in a highly complex multi-stakeholder environment

  • Coordinated and aligned approach to various regulators across jurisdictions including availability of S&P and Fitch ratings for two legal entities

  • Supported on key success factors such as capital, ratings, communication etc.

Application of our capabilities

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